E-sign Maui has over 40 years of experience in designing and fabricating Maui signs.

E-Sign’s focus is on consistent and honest service. Our customers only leave to become patrons.

We are your one-stop sign shop for vehicle wraps, large format digital printing, sand-carved wood signs, architectural signs and all installs big and small. Our goal is to do things right the first time and stay efficient while still maintaining our competitiveness. E-Sign is truly Maui’s sign shop, providing pono service for local business as well as big mainland companies.

Maui Facts

Did you know?

Aloha is actually a law in the State of Hawaii?

Over 7 Million cans of SPAM are sold per year in the State of Hawaii!

Shaka is one of the most common hand symbols throughout the Hawaiian Islands and simply means “what’s up bro” or “Hang Loose”

Tiki’s arrived in Hawaii over 1,000 years ago. The Maori of New Zealand believed the Tiki to be a mythological representation of the first man. Tiki statues are a symbol for procreation and are often found protecting sacred mythological sites.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designer is one of the best on Maui. With over 10 years in the sign industry, we make the process fun and easy.

Vehicle Graphics 

We are the go-to sign shop for vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps on Maui! We do it all in house!

Digital Printing

Our large format digital printer, the VersaCAMM® SP-i is the perfect high-performance production tool.

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Electric Signs

E-Sign is a licensed sign contractor with decades of experience fabricating and installing electric signs on Maui.